Consumers to spend $6.2 billion in mobile application stores

Consumers will spend $6.2 billion in mobile application stores in 2010 according to new research from Gartner.

The study predicts more than 4.5 billion downloads from stores this year with 82% likely to be free applications.

Gartner also estimates that by 2013 downloads will exceed 21.6 billion of which 87% are likely to be free.

The market research specialist said games are still the most popular download followed by mobile shopping and social networking.

Revenue for downloads from mobile application stores was more than US$4.3 billion last year and is expected to grown to $29.5b by the end of 2013.

Revenue includes paid-for applications as well as advertising on free applications, which is expected to generate about 25% of application stores’ revenue by 2013.

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