Google overhauls AdWord system

Search engine giant Google has stepped its war against arch rivals Yahoo!, MSN and Ask by offering travel advertisers the opportunity to take complete control of their AdWord campaigns.

The new development is part of a wider strategy to offer all advertisers greater flexibility with pay-per-click campaigns that use the AdWord system.

Under the new system advertisers will be able to switch AdWord campaigns to coincide with specific parts of a weekly or daily cycle.

“By providing advertisers with more granular control over when their ads run and how much they bid, we believe this feature will drive greater return on investment for the advertiser,” Google said.

The inclusion of ad scheduling into the Google AdWord system is one of the first olive branches aimed in the direction of advertisers since last year’s controversial commission saga, which angered a string of leading UK media agencies.

Google upset the agency community by scrapping payments for pay-per-click advertising and replacing it with a system some believed favoured larger agencies with greater buying power.

The Google AdWord system – like those for Yahoo! and other search engines – has become a mainstay for hundreds of travel advertisers, giving them the ability to target consumers either through search results on a designated site or by matching keywords within content.

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