Skyscanner poll backs body scanners

A poll by Skyscanner has suggested the majority of travellers are in favour of plans to use full body scanners at airports following Christmas Day’s attempted terrorist attack.

Of  400 people who responded to the poll 66% said they thought scanners would be a good idea and just 30% disapproved due to health and privacy concerns.

Skyscanner co-founder Barry Smith said: “As long as the machines are safe and any potential privacy issues can be solved, travellers are in favour of anything which will make flying safer and security checks faster.

“If it saves me from having to take my shoes off, empty my pockets and remove my belt, I’m all for them.”

Skyscanner found some people had concerns over the safety of the scanning machine.  The Transportation Security Administration insist the technology is harmless and  said the amount of radiation produced no more than a person would normally receive in just two minutes of flying on an airplane.

Some respondents doubted the scanners would increase passenger safety and said the current security threat did not justify them.

Body scanner trials are already taking place in some airports including Manchester  and Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised the scanners will be introduced at as soon as possible.

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