Trailstream deal boosts Cosmos sales

Cosmos has claimed to have seen a significant sales increase since it sealed a sponsorship deal with rich media specialist Trailstream.

The operator joined forces with Trailstream in November to create a package offering agents brochure content and holiday video clips via for free. The free exchange saw a 5% uplift in sales.

Cosmos head of sales Gordon McCreadie said the operator had already signed up more than 30 independent agents with more in the pipeline.

He said the initiative had driven average increases in both passenger numbers and revenues of around 20% with some agents up as much as 50% year-on-year.

“Video content in a challenging market has helped them close the sale,” said McCreadie. is a desktop application enabling agents to access online brochure content and play high-quality holiday videos in store using a local media server.

Trailstream managing director Dave Howard released figures in September showing revenue from consumers who view videos is on average double that of those who do not.

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