Gomez counts cost of underperforming sites

Website performance specialist Gomez has developed a free tool enabling companies to calculate any loss in potential revenue through slow performing sites.

The Financial Analysis Support Tool or FAST Calculator aims to help companies calculate the revenue they miss out on through slow web page load times.

The technology, which is available free of charge, has been developed using information from web users on page load times and abandonment rates.

The information was gathered from more than 150 websites and 150 million page views captured during the period from November 10 to December 10 2009.

The calculator works by entering information on conversion rates, monthly visitors, average transaction value and web page load times to produce a report estimating the additional revenue a company could reap if website performance improved.

In November Gomez, part of Compuware, released a study showing consumers were having to wait anything from six to more than 30 seconds for the web pages of some of the top ranking travel sites to load.

None of the companies in the study met the five second threshold, according to the findings.

A separate study carried out by Forrester Research for Akamai shows customers become frustrated if websites do not load after two seconds.


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