Brits to spend £1,700 on leisure travel in 2010

Britons are expecting to spend more than £1,700 on leisure travel next year according to a TripAdvisor survey.

The TripAdvisor Travel Trends research shows 71% are likely to spend more than £1,700 while a further 28% anticipate spending more than £5,300. 

The findings also reveal Virgin Atlantic is the favourite airline for British travellers, followed by British Airways. Ryanair is travellers’ least favourite airline according to 41% of thise surveyed, up from 30% last year.

Price is the most important factor when choosing an airline, followed by preferred route and 23% said they would still be prepared to fly the same airline after a bad experience if it was the cheapest.

In addition, 41% of respondents said the brand of an airline is very or extremely important when making a booking decision.

Britons are also in favour of staying connected while flying, with 62% saying internet access should be allowed, up 16 points from last year. The study shows 9% are even prepared to pay extra for online access.

When it came to mobiles, 13% said they should be allowed on flights, up three points from last year.

The survey attracted responses from 600 Britons.

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