Pegasus reports bookings surge

Technology firm Pegasus Solutions has reported a surge in both corporate and leisure bookings in November.

The latest Pegasus View, which collates GDS and ADS (alternative distribution system) data,  found a 13.28% increase in corporate bookings and 2.09% in leisure on November 2008.

The report revealed that November was the strongest month this year, based on a year-on-year comparison, and improvements seen in the US in October had now been replicated globally.

The findings suggest the business travel sector, which has been hit hard by the recession as corporate reign in on spending, might be showing signs of a tentative revival.

Adding to the air of optimism, Pegasus also said November was the first month in 2009 that other key indicators like net average daily rate at hotels, net average length of stay and net revenue were up on 2008.

However, Mike Kistner, chief executive of Pegasus Solutions urged caution in drawing overly positive conclusions from the report.

“As an industry, we are working to get back to and surpass 2007 levels, rather than simply meeting 2008 levels,” he said. “To create this context for November’s data, we’re publishing comparisons to previously unreleased 2007 Pegasus UltraSwitch figures in this month’s edition of The Pegasus View.”

These show average daily rate in the ADS channel down 29.34% and net revenue was down 27.96% on 2007 levels.
The Pegasus View for November 2009 is available free at

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