Kayak updates iPhone app

Leading global travel search engine Kayak has launched a 2.0 version of its iPhone application claiming it offers users an enhanced and quicker service.

The Kayak2.0 iPhone app offers an improved flight, hotel and car hire search design with a new scrolling calendar function.

Kayak Trip has also been added which offers an trip management system that combines travel components into one itinerary as well as maps and events.

Kayak chief architect, Bill O’Donnell, said: “With our latest iPhone app, people can get the travel search capabilities of Kayak.co.uk optimised for their iPhone.

“We conducted a great deal of usability research, and we’re thrilled with the new experience, search speed and the addition of the trips management tool.”

Kayak chief executive and co-founder Steve Hafner added: “Mobile has become a significant priority for us as we’ve seen usage rapidly grow to nearly 5% of our daily search volume in the past six months.”

In addition to the free Kayak iPhone app, the firm has also updated a paid version of its mobile app, Kayak First Class that includes the ability to search for first class and business class airline fares. 

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