Travelsupermarket to introduce news and destination guides

Travelsupermarket will introduce news and destination guides before Christmas in a bid to widen its brief beyond price comparison.

The service is bringing in content from Frommers Unlimited and other third parties in addition to its existing content from TripAdvisor. 

The company is also exploring how to introduce additional user-generated content going forward to provide customers with hints and tips from likeminded people.

Travelsupermarket unveiled a new version of it new site in May with a content management system enabling it to become more inspirational and react more quickly to events as well as market dynamics.

Travelsupermarket travel expert Bob Atkinson said: “We know we need to get to the customers earlier in the buying process and the range of content will engage them more, give them advice and help them work out where they want to go.

“They already know they can come to us to save money and time and there is an element of trust there.”

The company has carried out consumer research which highlighted these elements as among features customers wanted to see on the site.

“We’re positioning ourselves as impartial. We can make travel exciting. It’s not just about keying in ‘where to’. There are loads of people looking for ideas.”

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