Expedia offers rare country-specific insights

Expedia’s US press office has issued a release about its recently launched EasyManage programme for hoteliers, giving an indication of where its inventory growth efforts in Europe are concentrated.

The biggest year on year growth is in Russia, where Expedia now has 80% more hotels on its books. In the UK, its supply has grown by 48% while France and Germany are 30%. Italy is up by 20%.

As well as supply, the release also discusses actual transactions. In terms of the number of customers globally, Expedia and Hotels.com sent 21% more travellers to Italy than in 2008, 26% more to Greece and 31% more to Turkey.

Room nights booked have also shot up in some destinations. Bookings from Expedia and hotels.com for the UK are 36% ahead, Russia is 28% ahead across all Expedia-branded sites while Spain is up 26% from hotels.com bookings alone.

Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia CEO, told Wall Street analysts on last month’s Q3 earnings call that over 6,500 hotels in Europe had signed up to its Easy Manage since it was launched in May 09.


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