MP3 phrasebooks for

Online travel agent is joining the current World Cup football frenzy by producing a series of audio phrasebooks for fans travelling to Germany.

The podcasts have been developed in conjunction with Coolgorilla and will be available to download to users during the tournament, which begins on June 9.

The first phrasebook to be launched will be a tongue-in-cheek guide to German, featuring translations for phrases such as “you’re not singing anymore”, “that’s a dive” and “handball!”.

Further podcasts will be available in French, Spanish and Greece.

Users will not have to pay for the podcasts but will be able to download them if they sign up for one of’s email bulletins.

Mark McCulloch, brand management boss at said: “these phrase books are inspiring people to use their MP3 player in a different way and at the same time helping them to get into the spirit of the World Cup whether at home or away.”

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