Exclusive: Virgin Atlantic to track online campaigns with TagMan

Virgin Atlantic has signed a deal with TagMan to track its online campaigns and avoid duplication affiliate fees.

TagMan uses a web-based system to automatically add code to the airline’s web pages across 25 markets to enable tracking across campaigns, display advertising, natural and paid search, e-mail and affiliates.

The technology saves time and avoids the process of manually creating code for web pages. Jon Baron, general manager of TagMan, said the system also saves money in terms of highlighting where affiliate sales channels have been paid twice for the same booking.

“Because all the codes don’t talk to each other people have been getting two commissions for one sale,” he said.

The company has carried out work for Thomas Cook and saved the operator 25% on its affiliate commission payments because of the de-duplication.

“It gives you a single view of the customer over any time period and automates how you make those payments.”

The technology also helps travel companies formulate their marketing campaigns because it tracks what customers have visited, their average journey, how long it lasted and why they did not purchase.

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