GTM Carbon Friendly Flight Finder adopted by media brands – press release

Global Travel Market’s Carbon Friendly Flight Finder continues to gain traction.

The low key launch of Global Travel Markets Carbon Friendly Flight Finder continues to attract attention from a variety of sources whilst also throwing up some intriguing results.

The Carbon Friendly Flight Finder has now been adopted by UK newspaper The Independent and the Australian / Pacific region for Lonely Planet with other significant media brands currently in discussion to adopt the unique functionality.

Dave Simmons, CEO of  Global Travel Market commented “we are delighted with the response we have had to the launch of this unique and innovative meta-search concept.  We are finding that media companies see the Carbon Friendly Flight Finder as being a great way of reinforcing their environmental propositions”.

The Carbon Friendly Flight Finder is also producing some fascinating statistics.  Of the more than 30,000 flight searches that have been completed using this tool 61% of users have chosen the cheapest/lowest carbon option and have been prepared to pay an average premium of 18% over lowest cost/higher carbon options.

Simmons observed “it is surprising how many people are choosing to select the most carbon friendly flight option. It is even more astonishing that people are prepared to pay a substantial premium for the lowest carbon option.  It just goes to show that contrary to wide spread opinion consumers, even in the current environment, are not 100% price sensitive.

About Global Travel Market:

Global Travel Market (GTM) is an internet media company that specialises in developing a network of bespoke travel meta-search engine solutions. Since launch in December 2005, GTM has grown rapidly, developing a number of Travel Search Engine solutions including GTM branded sites in the UK, China, India and New Zealand and partner sites for the likes of Lonely Planet, Telegraph, Independent, Visa Europe, Time Out, ValueClick, Tourism Dubai, Tourism Authority of Thailand

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