Superbreak focuses on search

Superbreak Mini-Holidays expects online trade bookings to exceed £3 million a month by the end of the year after an overhaul of its website. search facility has been improved to include specific areas of London and Majorca, with every resort on the Spanish island listed.

Agents can now search for hotels in areas such as Covent Garden and the operator plans to extend the facility to other key destinations including Costa del Sol, the Lake District and the Algarve.

Search results can also now be ordered in terms of the best available price – previously results would come back in a random order forcing the agent to trail through them to find the best price.

The site also allows agents to look for the best price over an eight-week period so that customers can pick the cheapest time to go.

Superbreak sales director Ian Mounser said: “Clients want to find the best price. If they are flexible with their travel plans, it’s even more important to allow them to pick the cheapest week.”

Rail product from GNER and Midland Mainline has also been added to the site.

Mounser expects the changes to increase web bookings from the trade by 50% by the end of this year. currently accounts for 40% of agency bookings, totalling more than £2 million a month.

A fifth of agency business is delivered through viewdata with the remaining 40% done over the phone.

Mounser said Going Places has already switched off viewdata in favour of the website and expects the other three multiples to follow suit by the end of the year.

“I expect most, if not all of the viewdata business, to migrate to the website by the end of the year along with some of the business we get over the phone,” Mounser said.

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