Travel companies hold back from social networking ads

The travel industry fell behind most other sectors in terms of advertising on social networking websites at the peak of this summer, according to a new study by market research company comScore.

Thomas Cook and Travelzoo were travel’s biggest advertisers on social networking sites in August.

In volume terms, travel was the fourth most prominent sector during the peak summer month, with 213 million display advertising impressions on social network sites. The biggest display advertiser sector was telecoms (949 million) followed by retail (753 million) and banking (248 million).

However, social networks accounted for a smaller proportion of display advertising for travel than nine out of the ten sectors analysed. comScore said that in August there were 1.8 billion travel display advertisements viewed across the internet, meaning that 11.5% of the sector’s total was seen on social networks. Online gaming with 11.1% was the only sector with a lower proportion.

The study revealed that overall, there were 1.8 billion display advertising impressions for travel across all sites in August.

It also looked at the age of people who were clicking on the advertisements, which came up on social networks.

Mike Read, comScore managing director, Europe, said: “The data suggests that every demographic segment is reached via social networking sites and that no particular age segment accounts for an overwhelming percentage of ads delivered.”

Earlier this month Experian Hitwise said that Facebook accounts for one in every seven pages viewed by UK internet users during September.

ComScore’s findings are based on its Ad Metrix service which launched in the UK this May.

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