Three hotels sign up to Clasix’s Traveltalk

Press Release: Following the recent launch of TravelTalk, Clasix has announced new partnerships with three of Europe’s leading hotels.

The Wyndham Hotel at Chelsea Harbour, London, the Hotel De L’Europe, Amsterdam and the Hyatt Regency, Paris, have taken on Clasix’s revolutionary network solution designed to slash the cost of international calling.

All hotel guests will benefit from the new technology, which works automatically through in-room phone systems. Slashing the cost of international calling, TravelTalk offers up to 60 minutes of talk time for just 5.95 Euros.

Clasix, the leading provider of telecoms, high speed internet access and in-room entertainment to the hospitality industry, is forecasting installation in 60 hotels by the end of 2010.

“It’s a great start for TravelTalk – the technology has been warmly received in the hospitality industry both in the UK and across Europe,” said Michael Lacy, Clasix.

“Travellers staying at any of our new partner hotels can make calls from the convenience of their room, taking advantage of the fantastic rates and making substantial savings in comparison to using their mobile phones.”

TravelTalk also provides the opportunity for hotels to increase room revenues and save money on their existing calling charges. The system costs nothing for the hotel to install* and works with existing hardware and billing systems.

TravelTalk, the flagship solution in Clasix’s TravelSuite portfolio, uses a closed proprietary ‘dual stack’ IPv4/IPv6 network. IPv6 offers better clarity than a landline, significantly more IP addresses and a greater ability to enhance internet security than its predecessor.

With speeds of up to 100 meg available, TravelSuite offers the opportunity for hotels to provide in-room high speed internet access and entertainment in addition to low-cost call rates.

At a time when hotel operators are struggling to preserve occupancy rates without slashing room rates, the benefits created by the TravelSuite services help hoteliers to deliver better value while generating profitable incremental revenues and strengthened customer loyalty.

*A 100 megabit fibre connection to the Clasix network is installed to support the TravelSuite services. This can quickly and easily be programmed to carry other Clasix multimedia IP-based services, including high speed Internet access and video on demand. 

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