Brussels Airlines introduces pre-paid vouchers

Brussels Airlines is allowing travellers to pay for flights online with a pre-paid voucher following a tie-up with online payment provider Paysafecard Group.

Paysafecard’s Cash-Ticket voucher is an alternative to credit cards or entering bank details and the airline believes the initiative will enable it to reach new customers.

Cash-Ticket should also decrease the number of customers who cancel their ticket as soon as it comes to entering payment details.

The voucher, which can be purchased at outlets across Europe, works using a pin code. Users can also keep track of their balance and transactions online.

A survey, carried out by NEMS in the summer, indicated credit card usage on the internet was in decline.

The study revealed that 28% of people were using their credit cards online less or not at all this year while more than a third said they would use cash online if it became as easy as over the counter sales.

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