Lonely Planet adds more than 600 titles to Kindle Store

BBC Worldwide’s travel brand Lonely Planet is now available on Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device.

The news formed part of Amazon’s announcement this week that it is launching an international version of the device.

The Kindle Wireless uses the same 3G wireless technology as mobile phones. Owners can buy downloads of more than 250,000 books, which can be stored and read on the device.

The Kindle Store, from where the downloads are bought,  is currently hosted on Amazon.com. Lonely Planet becomes the dominant band within the guidebooks channel,  with 613 titles available.

Lonely Planet chief executive Matt Goldberg said: “Lonely Planet is excited to make a vast selection of travel guides from Australia to Zanzibar available to Kindle customers around the world.”

Other traditional guide book publishers such as Frommers and Michelin are also available but with fewer volumes – 21 and 16 respectively.

OffbeatGuides.com, an online specialist which updates its guides on a monthly basis, has more than 400 for sale to Kindle owners.

The international launch sees a number of newspapers added to the Kindle Store, including the Daily Telegraph.

Homepage picture: By ShakataGaNai under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 license

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