The Co-operative Travel signs new deal with CallUma

The Co-operative Travel has signed a new deal with travel services company CallUma to use the company’s trackable single-use luggage tags.

The group’s 404 travel agency branches will use the new service, soon to be followed by the group’s homeworking division Future Travel.

The single-trip tags are used to track and identify missing luggage and are fully branded with The Co-operative Travel’s name.

Travel agents receive commission when customers pay for the tracking and identity protection service.

CallUma works with tour operators and travel agents and will have more than one million tags in use by the end of September this year.

Founder Tony Partridge added that the system safeguarded personal information by using a tracking number rather than requiring holidaymakers to write their address and phone details on their luggage, thought to increase the risk of identity fraud and jeopardise home security.

CallUma already provides an out-of-hours customer services function for The Co-operative Travel Group’s brands Medinland and Escape, which has been extended to cover The Co-operative Travel’s agencies as well.

This means the branches will be able to use CallUma to answer out-of-hours calls 24 hours a day in more than 100 languages.

More information:

* CallUma to sell trackable baggage tags through the trade (March 23, 2009)

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