SEO agency launches with travel clients

A search engine optimisation and social media agency has been set up by former Central Office of Information digital director Jamie Galloway.

Bluepost Digital offers its own Blue-search SEO technology, which creates hundreds of content pages around key phrases. Travel retailer On The Beach and bed bank Hotels4U are among its launch customers.

The company is also developing a Blue-compare tool for the price-comparison market, which will act as an intermediate between suppliers and the metasearch sites they work with. The technology is currently being tested.

Galloway said: “A lot of search results, whether natural or paid, are now price comparison sites. Search, and particularly natural search, will continue to have a big role, especially in the SME audience.”

He criticised existing search engine specialists for a “smoke and mirrors” approach to SEO. “We are open about how we do things in terms of social media, online public relations and link building, ” said Galloway.

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