Tribewanted seeks new recruits

Social network Tribewanted plans to recruit new teams of travellers for projects around the world next year.

Tribewanted was launched in April 2006 to recruit adventure travellers for a sustainable tourism project on Vorovoro Island in Fiji. 

Founder Ben Keene has planned to hold an international competition to find new “tribes”, but said he had received about 50 informal applications and offers from around the world and the final decision would be down to Tribewanted’s online community – with the help of experts

The potential destinations for projects include Laos, Borneo, Sierra Leone, Panama, Vanuatu, Greenland and Wales.

The Vorovoro project has operated for the past three years and has now been extended for a further five.

Keene said: “I always hoped the idea of Tribewanted could go beyond Vorovoro. The values of the projects will be the same – to empower locals and visitors to live more sustainably, while celebrating the local culture. The goal is to build a collection of the best community tourism projects anywhere and use social networking to fund, connect and scale them.”

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