Amadeus claims to save agents’ time on car rental

Research commissioned by Amadeus suggests its GDS tool for car rental can save travel agents time and money compared with suppliers’ microsites and call centres.

Technology consultancy Alten carried out the study on behalf of Amadeus in France and Spain this year, looking at five booking scenarios and comparing how long each of the options took. It concluded that, on average, Amadeus Cars was 46% faster than its microsite rivals and 59% faster than using a call centre.

The study suggested using the GDS tool could save between 72 and 107 seconds per booking. Drawing on a separate study, Amadeus claimed that an agency handling 50,000 flights and 5,000 car bookings could save between €35,000 and €98,000 a year by using its tool instead of microsites or call centres.

Alten found Amadeus Cars was 64% quicker than using a microsite and 67% faster than a call centre when combining car and flight bookings in the same transaction.

However, the qualitative section of the study – based on interviews with frontline agents and managers – revealed some shortcomings, suggesting Amadeus offer more training and improve its after-sales service.

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