Web-based mobile gaining ground

Two-in-five mobile-phone users in western Europe will access the internet via their handset by 2014, according to a report by market-research company Forrester.

The penetration of mobile internet in western Europe will be close to 17% by the end of this year, says the report – Western European Mobile Forecast 2009-2014. Its author, Thomas Husson, said: “The mobile internet is reaching critical mass.”

Husson argues mobile-internet use will increase as more consumers opt for bundled contracts. Businesses will then start to engage more with mobile-internet users, prompting increased use by existing consumers and a greater take-up of internet tariffs by new users.

He also suggests the mobile internet is “reinventing” features such as search-engine optimisation, behavioural targeting and social computing.

On his blog, Husson says: “The iPhone is just the tip of the iceberg. Many compelling devices and services are on the roadmap in the next five years.”

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