Travelzoo finds one in four still plan ‘summer’ trip

A Travelzoo survey in mid-August found more than one in four of 5,000 UK subscribers still planning to book a summer holiday this year.

The survey was carried out on 15-18 August and completed online with no incentives, attracting a response rate of 5% from among 115,000 Travelzoo subscribers

It found 28% of respondents still planning to book a summer holiday “within the next four weeks” and predicting to spend an average £484 per trip.

Looking ahead, 12% had already booked a break for 2010, with the majority committing early because of the deals available.

Two-fifths planned to book a 2010 break before the end of this year, and more than half said they planned to take at least three trips next year.

The survey also found 75% planning some sort of trip – a holiday or a short break – within the two months from mid-September this year. Three-quarters of those who expressed an intention to travel will do so in the UK or Europe.

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