Another scraping case for Ryanair lawyers

Travelviva, an online German travel business, is the latest “screen-scraping ticket tout” to face legal action from Ryanair in the Irish courts.

Travelviva AG is the most recent site to be accused on breaking Ryanair’s terms and conditions.

Ryanair claimed that it Travelviva has declined an “offer of licensed access to’s flight information for price comparison purposes.”

TravelViva declined to comment on an ongoing legal case, although it has removed Ryanair flights form its pages. The business operates two web sites in Germany – and

Ryanair suggested that it was stepping up its campaign against vertical search engines.

In recent weeks we have written to various consumer protection and competition agencies in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and the UK, calling on them to investigate the abusive and anti-consumer practices of these unauthorised screen-scrapers,” its statement said.

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