TripAdvisor and VisitEngland in talks over user review strategy

VisitEngland has held discussions with TripAdvisor as part of its strategy to review the current accommodation grading scheme.

The organisation announced earlier this week that it was seeking opinions from accommodation businesses in England via a survey which will be followed by consumer research in the autumn.

A major part of the review will be the relevance of the current criteria for grading accommodation in a digital world and how user-generated content could be incorporated to improve the service and provide consumers with a complete picture.

An VisitEngland spokeswoman said: “We have had conversations with people like tripadvisor about working together more closely. This is about looking at how consumers make decisions and the different places they go to help them make decisions.

“The web and user-generated content are becoming increasingly popular and it’s how that compares to hotel guides and star-ratings.”

She added that the review was likely to be completed in December with the findings published early next year.

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