TripIt unveils Lotus Notes application

Travel planning specialist Tripit is to be integrated into IBM Lotus Notes providing thousands of business travellers with access to the service via a widget.

Tripit has been selected, alongside LinkedIn, to provide Lotus Notes users with the travel itinerary service.

Tripit vice president of business development Scott Hintz said the development gave it access to more than 100 million Lotus Notes users.

“It’s the right audience for us because it’s corporate travellers and for them it’s the convenience of having all their travel plans on the desktop.”

The widget provides travellers with their upcoming trip details as well as flight status and online check-in.

Hintz said IBM’s widget gallery is part of a wider strategy to develop and enhance Lotus Notes for corporates.

“Lotus Notes is not Facebook and users are not used to widgets but Tripit solves real business needs so it’s a good way to open their minds. It will take IBM a little while to educate people so we see it as a slow ramp to growth.”

He added that the benefit for Tripit was user acquisition as well as a growing audience for its premium service unveiled last month.

“Even before this announcement we have seen large companies putting pressure on their travel management companies to integrate Tripit.”

It is believed details of another significant deal are imminent.

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