Trip Advisor unveils Charron as Europe boss

User review website Trip Advisor has appointed ex-UK managing director of QXL, Marc Charron, to lead its European operations.

Charron will head the company’s development of local language sites across the continent and comes just five months after the launch of

The newly created position will complement the existing managerial structure in the US, which is still run by founders Steve Kaufer, now chief executive, and chairman Langley Steinert.

Kaufer said: “We are thrilled to have found a seasoned business mind in Marc Charron, who brings extensive experience running travel and e-commerce businesses across Europe.

“We already have a strong foothold in Europe, and with Marc’s leadership we are certain to rapidly and dramatically grow the business and extend our leadership position.”

Trip Advisor recently crossed the 20 million users a month mark across the globe, which includes around 25% from Europe.

“TripAdvisor members in Europe have always contributed hugely to the vital community that has made such an important resource for travellers worldwide,” Charron said.

“I look forward to building our European sites country by country, tailoring the TripAdvisor experience to local needs and expectations, and making our wealth of reviews and travellers’ advice available to the widest possible audience.”

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