Isango in complete relaunch of website

Destination tours and services specialist Isango has completely overhauled its website as it attempts to take its “experience-led travel offering to the next logical level”

The company quietly introduced the new main site earlier this month and it is the first major redesign of the web product since Isango launched in late-2006.

The new service includes what it calls ‘experiential holidays’ where in-resort products such as tours and attractions are combined with hotels and accommodation.

Other new features include holiday suggestions categorised by theme, integration of accommodation and activities in all major travel destinations, a multi-save function and product stores for top destinations.

Chief executive Ranjan Singh told Travolution: “Now you don’t get flogged just hotels when you want a romatic break in Paris… you get recommendations for a truly romantic experience where hotel is just a part.”

“Additionally, we wanted to redesign the site for improved user experience taking into account our customer feedback and the latest best practices in usability.”

Singh claimed the site had already seen conversion rates increase in some areas of the site as a result of the redesign.

A marketing campaign is also being prepared to support the relaunch of the site.

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