Travelsupermarket to improve online customer experience with Tealeaf, the UK’s leading price comparison website, has deployed Tealeaf’s customer experience management software on its two websites and

Tealeaf’s CX Solutions will give the two price comparison brands unparalleled visibility into what each and every online visitor is seeing and doing in real-time. will then use this comprehensive dataset to increase site conversions by identifying and fixing friction points, quantifying business impact and improving usability.

As the recession bites, price comparison websites have seen a substantial growth in popularity amongst cash-stripped consumers.  moneysupermarket saw a 32% increase in visitors in  2008 – with 120 million visitors over the year.

However, with competition in this sector also increasing, to prevent drop-off wants to ensure it is providing a faultless experience for every customer.

Using Tealeaf, the various teams can replay individual visits and then aggregate this data across all user sessions to identify and resolve site obstacles that hinder conversions.

“It’s very important to the business that we convert as many customers as possible,” said Graham Donoghue, a group board director at

“We are seeing record amounts of traffic to the site, but up till now it has been very hard to say with any certainty exactly what customers are experiencing and the effect this has on them and on the business, making it tough to focus on the areas we should be improving. Tealeaf gives us this much needed visibility, enabling our team to optimise the sites and turn more customers into brand advocates.”

Tealeaf also helps with development and upgrades by providing a greater understanding of user behaviour to inform site changes. in particular has just completed a full site redesign and Tealeaf has enabled  the team to monitor the site and make instant improvements based on data from users in real-time, rather than relying solely on focus groups or split-testing.

“As consumers focus on getting through the recession, spending will take some time to recover,” said John Lillie, UK country manager at Tealeaf.

“It is therefore vital that ebusinesses make every effort to convert as many visitors as possible. continues to lead the way in the price comparison market, but as the industry matures and consumers become increasingly web-savvy, Tealeaf will provide the necessary data to allow the ecommerce team to make informed business decisions based on concrete insight.”

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