RateTiger overhauls service

Revenue management specialist RateTiger has streamlined its offering into three main areas.

With RT Suite, the company offers a complete platform for hotels enabling hotels to choose the functions they need.

The platform includes channel management and pricing strategy and gives hoteliers more flexibility to change rates according to market forces.

The company has also developed RTCorp for chains and hotel groups.

The system enables head office to monitor rate activity across hotels on a number of sales channels as well as benchmarking the rates against competitors. It also shows them where they rank on travel website searches.

The final product area is RTConnect, which allows integration between hotels and online retailers and software providers via XML.

Deals have already been signed with property management system specialist Micros and accommodation specialist, Trust International.

Part of the RTConnect systems is RTWeb aimed at online travel retailers and allowing them to compare the rates of the hotels on their system with rivals’ rates. Travel Intelligence is now using the technology.

Rate Tiger’s parent company eRevMax has also introduced its Simple Distribution system for hotels of up to about 40 rooms. The channel manager technology is web-based and has grown out of RateTiger’s acquisition of  Rate Reports earlier this year.

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