Domegos unveils new site for the UK

Holiday home specialist Domegos has launched a beta version of its site for the UK.

The company has spent recent months developing new functionality for the site as well as increasing the number of properties available.

Domegos co-founder and director Dennis Klett claimed there had been a 157% jump in new properties listed on the site.

He added that it was predominantly from owners new to the holiday home market wanting to earn extra revenue in the current economic climate.

The service has also seen an increase in the number of enquiries, 21% in the past six months, on the site from people looking to holiday at home.

Klett anticipated the site would continue to grow at a rapid pace because of it does not charge fees or commission to homeowners.

“We only have 3,000 properties but growth has been quicker than others because the service is free and that will help us grow. We are a marketplace and it is really important to have as many players as possible.”

The site plans to earn revenue from advertising as well as by developing premium services for homeowners such as their own hosted website for £3 a month.

All properties are promoted in the UK and 10 other countries where Domegos already has sites.

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