Fears for ski capacity this winter

Ski capacity will be well down this winter, with a cumulative reduction of as much as one third on two years ago. However, Inghams chief executive Litsa Constantinou fears that too much remains available.

Constantinou told the Barclays Travel Forum: “A lot of capacity has come out for this winter – out of flying and out of the chalet market. We all taking capacity out, but it is not enough.

“We will definitely have 15% less capacity this winter [on last] and we had 15%-20% less in winter 2008-09 [on the previous year].”

Constantinou said the health of the sector depended on the outlook for the economy in September-October.

“Keen skiers will go anyway,” she said. “But a lot go two or three times a year and we are seeing the second or third ski holiday cut or people going in the off season.”

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