TripIt launches Pro service

TripIt has unveiled a new service enabling travellers to monitor their trips on the go.

TripIt Pro gives travellers access to their itinerary and automatically alerts them to any changes, cancellations or delays.

The company’s co-founder and vice president of business development Scott Hintz said the development was about driving the TripIt model and monetising it.

This is a huge step in our evolution and will be a major revenue source. We are really ingrained in the travel experience and so building some services around that makes sense.”

The service, which costs US$99 a year and has been trialled with about 1,000 travellers, also allows users to look for alternate flights.

TripIt Pro is currently only available for US registered phones and US credit cards but Hintz said the plan was to open it up for other users.

Other features include the Inner Circle enabling travellers to provide access to their itinerary to a partner or personal assistant.

There is also a Point Tracker service updating travellers’ reward programmes and displaying any recent activity.

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