FindsYou targets UK hotel sector

Findsyou, an online service enabling consumers to post product requests and then be handed a matching service from suppliers, is expanding into the UK accommodation sector.

The service, which currently specialises in property and cars, is making its first foray into the travel market by allowing consumers to post their accommodation needs.

Chief executive Guy Walker said the service was not looking to compete with what is already out there but sit alongside it by letting providers respond to consumers’ posts.

Suppliers will receive notification of customers whose needs they match and they can get in touch directly with the consumer.

The service works on a subscription model of up to about £10 per month although Walker said the plan was to offer it free initially to encourage suppliers to trial it.

“We’re not asking people to pay for our development so it will be free until we’re running at a level economic for the supply side.”

He added that the company was looking to join forces with trade partners keen to co-brand the service on their sites.

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