Insurers and aggregators keep margins to selves has come out top of a study into natural search visibility in the travel insurance sector, with most consumer travel-ancillary specialists noticeable by their absence.

The Greenlight study found appeared on the first page of Google natural search 84% of the time. The study, which looked at patterns for April, found 740,000 searches for travel insurance were generated from 221 key words. “Travel insurance” was the most popular term keyed in by users, with 50% of searchers using the phrase. The next most-used term was “holiday insurance”, used by 10%.

The top-20 most-visible sites included a number of general insurance companies – aggregators as well as travel specialists. Essential Travel came second on the list to moneysupermarket, with a visibility rating of 69%. The only other sites with a rating above 60% were (68%) and (63%).

Thomas Cook and TUI Travel, both of which sell insurance online, failed to make the top 20. Stand-alone travel insurance is often seen as a high-margin product.

Overall, travel insurance accounted for just under one-third of insurance-related searches in April. Car insurance comprised 54% and home insurance 15%. Greenlight found 2.3 million searches for insurance during April.

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