Ancillary products holding up during downturn

More than half of regular business and leisure travellers would consider buying ancillary products if offered by a preferred travel supplier despite the economic climate, according to new research.

The study, run by YouGov with more than 2,000 adults, shows 54% of travellers will consider value-add items and that insurance is the most popular (39%).

The survey was commissioned by technology specialist Collinson Latitude.

Further findings showed that travel related services are the second most popular component within ancillary offerings with 32% of travellers stating that airport lounge access and travel wi-fi are attractive.

Meanwhile, 14% said they would be interested in buying mobile phone services, including trip management and check in-services while 13% of travellers said leisure and lifestyle benefits such as magazine subscriptions and gym and spa access would be attractive as a value-add service.

Collinson Latitude recently launched its BenefitsPlus service to help travel providers earn incremental revenue through membership benefit packages.
Janet Titterton, Collinson Latitude’s sales and marketing director, said that in the current climate brands should be seeking ways to enhance revenue through additional services that fit with the core customer base.

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