Keyword concentration revealed in flight searches

Natural search results for flights are concentrated around specific key words, according to a study from SEM agency Greenlight.

The study into how UK users of Google searched for flights found that three search terms ‘Alicante flight’, ‘Dublin flight’ and ‘Malaga flight’ accounted for 41%of the total volume in March.

Greenlights look at the flight category analysed 3200 generic and destination-specific key words. In total, 17m searches were carried out in March using these terms. was by far the most visible site, appearing on the first page of Google results in 91% of searches. The next most visible site is, appearing 58% of the time.

The highest-ranked airline dotcom is, visible 36% of the time. Ryanair made the top ten with 19%, coming in ahead of its rival easyJet which got onto the first page 14% of the time.

Coming in at 29 on the list is, which appeared on the first page of Google for 5% of the searches. The hotel review site performs better in the flights category than well-known airline sites such as and

Despite environmental considerations, increased marketing by train companies and the widely reported drop in business travel, domestic flights are still widely searched for. Greenlight found that 12% of flight-related searches carried out in March were for domestic flights.

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