Mantic Point offers travel companies branded mobile travel service

Travel brands can now keep their customers updated with relevant, up-to-the-minute, personalised travel information for free.

By adding Mantic Point’s widget to their website, travel companies can provide its mobile-web service under their own brand.

The easy-to-use offering, designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, provides users with everything from flight information, snow reports and weather forecasts to traffic updates, destination guides and restaurant bookings and it adapts to each stage of the holidaymaker’s journey to ensure they always see up-to-date content.

The widget captures customers’ travel plans, or to save users having to re-type their holiday data, a check-in box can be added to the booking process allowing customers to opt-in to the mobile service.

The travel company can also customise the fonts and colours used by the widget – to fit with their brand. Better still this customisation requires no programming.

“The customer’s experience should be at the forefront of all travel companies minds.  We wanted to offer something that was accessible to all sizes of travel brand and affordable – we decided that offering a free widget was the best and most accessible way of achieving this,” says Mike Atherton, managing director of Mantic Point.

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