Huge majority of web users abandoning sites during transactions

A survey has found over three quarters of regular travel website users have abandoned a transaction at the shopping basket phase of their booking.

A third of the 84% who admitted leaving a site at such a late stage in the booking process cited reasons such as slow speed of the site and uncertainty of whether they had found the right price.

The study by web performance firm Maxymiser and Redshift Research also found that 64% would refuse to go back to a travel site if they had received a poor user experience during the booking process.

Maxymiser managing director Mark Simpson said: “Any travel business that is running an e-commerce website needs to wake up to the appalling leakage that is taking place as visitors move through their web pages.

“As this research has clearly highlighted, the majority of travel businesses are losing customers who have actually spent time on the website and have selected holidays or travel-related products that they are willing to buy.

Consumers – 64% in the study – were also found to be bookmarking web addresses of favourite sites rather than relying on search engines to discover deals.

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