TrekAmerica boss moves to TUI Adventure division

TrekAmerica managing director Martyn Shapter is to take up a new position within TUI Travel PLC to help spearhead the group’s small group touring and adventure businesses.

Shapter, who has headed TrekAmerica for 18 months, takes up the newly-created role of commercial director for TUI’s Adventure division, embracing more than 15 brands, including Exodus, Quark, Peregrine, The Adventure Company, The Imaginative Traveller and Headwater.

The move follows TUI’s acquisition earlier this year of Adventure Tours Australia (ATA), the leading Australian small groups touring business, which came under Shapter’s TrekAmerica/OzXposure Group umbrella.

It has now been decided to split this group in two, one part comprising all American operations, including TrekAmerica and Footloose, and for which a new managing director will be appointed.

The other division will handle all Australian and New Zealand operations and is to be headed by Ken Hart, formerly owner and CEO of ATA.

The overall Adventure division is headed by managing director Colin Stump, alongside whom Shapter will work.

“It’s a very exciting new position and I am delighted to be working as Colin’s number two,” said Shapter. “The plan now is to continue the division’s growth in this sector.

“We will be reviewing further acquisitions and also take advantage of optimising the operations of our fantastic portfolio of leading adventure, having all the businesses better co-ordinated.”

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