Trip Advisor creates GoList

Trip Advisor creates GoList

Holiday review website Trip Advisor has launched a new tool to allow users to create lists of favourite destinations, hotels, restaurants and attractions.

The GoLists project is hoping to tap into the need for travellers on a short timetable to find the best things to do in a specific location.

Users will be able to rank how useful the lists are and in turn the most popular will be displayed in prominent positions on the website.

The arrival of GoLists comes at the same time as the site’s Wiki tool, Trip Advisor Inside, is rolled out across all 23,000 destinations.

The package allows users to edit or create guidebooks for destinations.

Chief executive Steve Kaufer said: “Building on our enormous foundation of user-generated content, we’ve introduced two new products in rapid succession to give travellers even more ways to share their expertise.”

Trip Advisor has been widely praised by many in the travel industry as a benchmark for where the user experience and so-called Internet 2.0 is likely to head in terms of development.

The site launched a standalone operation in the UK in January and globally attracts around 20 million unique users.

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