Expedia tests Hotel Visualizer tool

Expedia has begun testing a number of new tools on its customers for roll out across its main and hotels.com sites.

The Hotel Visualizer enables consumers to build up a profile of themselves using images to tell the online agent who they are, what sort of holiday they want and the purpose of the trip.

The tool then makes recommendations based on the information it has been given.

Graham Cook, vice president product strategy, Expedia Worldwide, said: “Customers are looking for innovation in the online world but it must be tempered by functionality – style of substance will put off purchasers and finding a balance in the tools you offer is key.”

Cook, who was speaking at a TTI session of digital strategies, said the company tries to put the customer at the centre of its developments and added that the Visualizer tool being was being tested and refined using customer feedback.

He also said a Travel Calendar was also in development which recommends holidays and destinations based on the month of travel.

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