Speedbreaks rebrands to Adventura

Speedbreaks rebrands to Adventura

SpeedBreaks, the holiday company that runs active breaks and holidays for solo travellers today announced its new name, Adventura.

The result of the rebrand – including a new logo – will capture and promote the online operator’s core value of adventure through its activity led holidays.

Following extensive research and feedback from SpeedBreaks’ large customer database, it was clear that some confusion lay with regards to SpeedBreaks and the need to distinguish itself as a holiday provider of activity led holidays for individual travellers, whilst moving away from connotations linked to dating.

Simon Prockter, chief executive of the company, said: “It was time to address the brand confusion and identify exactly what the brand stood for.

Through Adventura, our objective is to attract a wider audience seeking holidays that embrace the core elements of our offering – adventure, activity, fun, new experiences whilst meeting likeminded people.”

Prockter continued: “Whilst SpeedBreaks is a widely recognised brand within the travel industry and consumer landscape, we hope that the new name will create better awareness and a clearer understanding of what our product offers.”

Despite the current trading environment, Adventura will continue to increase its revenue streams through developing innovative brands, such as Pure Escapes launched in March 2009, which targets group trips and business retreats.

Paul Birch, entrepreneur and former co-founder of social networking site Bebo, recently joined Adventura as joint shareholder and business partner with Prockter. Birch, will play a key role developing new innovative travel products such as Tripflip to be unveiled later this year, plus the launch of a major arts festival in Europe.

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