Travel site owners urged to relax obsession with conversion

Travel websites are failing consumers by being too focused on conversion and failing to provide simple, easy-to-find information.

Delegates at the Travolution Summit were told how companies get too wrapped up in conversion figures, which according to one senior figure ‘will never be good enough.’

Nucleus managing director Peter Matthews said: “Conversion is linked to the number of visitors, so it can be misleading.”

He added that companies needed to focus on reducing complexity.

“It’s about relevant search results on sites not just on Google and de-complicating. Everyone is trying to intercept everyone else and the simplest things are the most beautiful things.”

Other speakers criticised the industry for its me too approach and lack of innovation.

Marty Carroll, director of consulting, Foviance said: “There is a copy cat mentality in the travel space and therefore, they are all going to have depressingly low conversion rates. They need to try novel approaches to interaction, which in involves an element of risk.”

However, Dopplr co-founder and chief executive Marko Ahtisaari added a caveat by saying that it is not necessarily innovative to just add stuff to sites.

Site speed was also highlighted as key to keeping customers on a website.

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