Travel companies opt for multi-GDS approach in order to maximise competitiveness

Dolphin Dynamics has reported a significant increase in the proportion of customers implementing selling and management solutions integrated with multiple GDSs.

The travel software developer provides a range of reservation and booking management modules enabling its customers to create and capture bookings hosted in Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan.

This requirement for a multi-GDS capability appears, it says, to have now accelerated amongst Dolphin customers, especially within the corporate travel sector.

The multi-GDS feature was introduced within Dolphin primarily to offer customers choice over their GDS partner. However the technology is now increasingly being used to compare the different content available within each GDS.

With users only selecting a booking source at the time of sale, according to which result best matches their client’s requirements and budget – along with commercial considerations including the avoidance of premium fees charged by GDSs to book particular suppliers.

Dolphin Dynamics’ president, Roberto Da Re, believes the trend reflects the need for travel companies to provide choice to customers, “GDSs are not created equal in every respect.

“So, our travel agent and tour operator customers are using Dolphin to compare data sources, including GDSs and online specialists, in order to provide the best service to customers. And to access deals present in some systems and not in others. Whereas GDS choice used to be long-term and geographically driven, today travel companies can make tactical GDS choices right down to the moment a booking is created.”

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