Worldspan execs form GDS consultancy

Former Worldspan executives David Taylor and Steve Barrett have set up a consultancy advising agents and operators on how to get the best from their distribution partner.

The pair, who have already won their first customer – a Scandinavian online travel agent – believe GDS Deals can save travel suppliers significant costs as well as improve efficiency in GDS use.

“During our time at Worldspan it was clear the GDS relationship was not always great. The agency community could get a lot more out of their GDS if they knew the right questions to ask,” said Taylor.

The pair denied they were just adding another layer to the distribution chain because of the resources suppliers are able to devote to negotiating a GDS contract.

They also said the economic climate could help them as GDS Deals should save suppliers significantly more that what it costs to use the consultancy.

GDS Deals is planning a series of mailshots initially to the top 50 agencies and says it is close to signing up a number of UK players.

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