Holiday Taxis to significantly expand distribution in Germany

Holiday Taxis is on the verge of significant expansion in Germany as it prepares to work through large high-street travel agency chains in the country.

The transfer specialist operates services in 70 countries but only sells out of seven of them. In Germany, which will be its largest market outside of the UK, it currently works with airlines such as Condor and Lufthansa to sell its transfers as well as selling direct to consumers.

Chief executive Paul Stanyer said: “We will be able to announce significant new distribution partners within a few months, although it will take time to build up the business. We will soon be working with agents in Germany through technology integration and direct contracts. The German outbound leisure market is the biggest in the world and double the size of the UK.”

Holiday Taxis has just launched in Ireland, and ultimately Stanyer would like the specialist to sell out of all the markets it operates transfers in. “It’s a global concept,” he said.

Currently 99% of the company’s business is out of the UK, including domestic transfers, but this is likely to change as the company grows internationally. “I think there will be a shift this year and a significant shift next year. I still see the UK as a growing market but other markets will grow faster and have an impact,” he said.

The company is also planning to work with more airlines on a global basis. It currently works with around six airlines, including Easyjet, Jet2 and Aer Lingus. “I am looking at opportunities globally to work with airlines further afield in Asia for example,” added Stanyer.

Meanwhile, sales and marketing director Russell Parr will take on a new role heading up strategy and project work for the transfer specialist. Parr had planned to leave this summer to be closer to his family in the Midlands. The new job will involve only one day a week in the Burgess Hill-based office. A new sales and marketing director is due to be announced in the next month.

Chief executive Paul Stanyer said: “Russell will be looking at mainly technology related projects and looking at our own technology offering.”

The company has recently improved its back-office technology to allow more flexibility, a faster system and better structured deals with distribution partners, including travel agents, he added.

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*Russell Parr to leave Holiday Taxis (Travel Weekly, March 2, 2009)


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