GuestCentric develops first McAfee-backed booking engine

GuestCentric Systems, a premier Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for the independent hotel industry, today announced the completion of McAfee Secure certification.

As the first Software-as-a-Service vendor in the hotel industry achieving this certification, GuestCentric continues to lead the industry in its mission of delivering high-end tools at affordable prices to independent hotels.

According to the latest report by the Travel Industry Association, the travel industry is expected to have a 1.3% drop of overall travel in 2009 but there will be an increase of 10.5% in online travel bookings. In order to capitalize on this trend, independent hotels will need to provide an interactive and secure shopping environment on their websites.

Leveraging scanning technology, McAfee tests and certifies daily that GuestCentric’s service exhibits no vulnerabilities, dangerous content or links that could expose consumers’ computer and personal information to malicious use. The McAfee Secure certification adds confidence to online reservations because buyers know that their information is protected from spyware, spam, viruses, exploits, and phishing and will result in an increase of up to 14% in online bookings, according to studies conducted by McAfee.

“Being the first vendor displaying the McAfee Secure logo in our customers’ booking engines is proof of our commitment to deliver top-shelf solutions to independent hotels,” said Filipe Tappenbeck, vice president at GuestCentric.

“In 2009 hotels will be looking for cost savings and efficiencies. A 14% increase in online bookings will be welcome in a year where offline reservations are expected to decline.”

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