Tourdust adopts pay-per-click strategy for partners

Travel start-up Tourdust has unveiled a new pricing plan for tour operators and experience providers.

The system is based on a pay-per-click model but travel providers only pay up to a capped rate per month.

Founder Ben Colclough said the pricing plan meant providers could continue to get traffic without having to switch off their campaigns.

He added that the aim was to enable consumers to glean as much information about the people behind the experiences from their websites as well as blogs and Twitter streams.

“The people behind the experience are really important. If you’re going on a week-long trek with someone you want to know about their passions and business style. We want to promote their content so it’s a monthly fee based on performance.”

Colclough said the price plan coincides with Tourdust’s move from beta into a “more established business model”.

The company is ramping up its sales team and also plans to unveil further online developments in the coming months.

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